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Waterjet cutting replaces many common techniques

With a waterjet at your disposal, there's very little reason to ever use a traditional mill. Instead of exposing materials that expand and contract as their temperatures change to high temperature cutting techniques, which cause uneven or imprecise cuts, you're working with nothing but water and a minor abrasive.


In the past, we've used our waterjets on a huge variety of materials including steel, glass, ceramic, foam, titanium, wood, granite, and many others. We're confident we can handle any parts you need!

Cutting to your precise specifications

The extreme accuracy of our waterjets is wasted if we're not cutting to your specifications, but there's no need to worry. We can cut to match your drawings, or create the design in a CAD layout, ensuring that you get the exact product you need without fail.

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Not sure if we can handle your pieces? Our machinery will accommodate any material up to 8" thick and 10' x 20' across.

Fast turnaround times mean bigger savings.



Quicker turnaround times and lower risk of damage to your materials means that you'll save time and money when you choose Aerojet LLC!

Precision Quality